Will The Solar Eclipse Return Taylor Swift To Music?

Will The Solar Eclipse Return Taylor Swift To Music?

agree with Taylor swift, 27, to overshadow the sun eclipse! After blacking out her internet site and deleting every put up, image and header image on her social media structures, she posted a cryptic GIF of what appears to be a writhing lizard, snake or dragon tail. take a look at it out beneath!

obviously, fans are losing their minds. “DID TYALOR just PSPT A CIDEO OF A FUXKIN SNAKE I CANT BREBSHTE,” one fan tweeted. “OH MY GOD what is THIS TAYLOR what's YOU DOING?” some other requested. We get it!

in the beginning, a few enthusiasts notion it was a clip of a wiggling snake, which means that Taylor might be coming for someone of her rivals with a brand new tune. Kim Kardashian famously teased the release of the bombshell Taylor/Kanye West pictures with a sequence of snake emojis, and many hoped Tay changed into returning the choose. On nearer inspection, though, the concern of the GIF seems too big and spiky to be a snake, so different lovers assume it’s a tail of some type! hopefully we’ll understand extra soon — thinking about the posts have been made on the top of the hour, it’s possible that we’ll get some other trace at 12 PM EST.


— Taylor speedy (@taylorswift13) August 21, 2017

in the meantime, lovers have additionally noticed that a music referred to as “timeless” has been registered by Taylor, and a domain referred to as timeless.com become up to date in mid-July, as some sleuths on Reddit discovered. It’s uncertain as to whether or not on the way to be the next unmarried, but you by no means know! Take a look:

in keeping with Genius, Taylor fast's new unmarried is referred to as "timeless".A website with the name became created. #TS6 p.c.twitter.com/rLdGFqnedG

— Taylor speedy Now (@TaylorSwiftN0W) August 21, 2017

Others have mentioned that the word “princess” is hidden inside the subject for Taylor’s reputable tumblr:

Dragon?? The code says princess?? percent.twitter.com/c7w1yEuTpK

— TS6AlreadyOwnsMe (@haydenizer) August 21, 2017

sooner or later, Joseph Kahn, who directed the video for “awful Blood,” has additionally weighed in:

:) https://t.co/FdC19mumaV

— Joseph Kahn (@JosephKahn) August 21, 2017

In 30 minutes, as a display of strength, @taylorswift13 will blot out the sun.

— Joseph Kahn (@JosephKahn) August 21, 2017

HollywoodLifers, are you excited that Taylor is returning to song? tell us your theories below!

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