The Paperclip Lamp

The Paperclip Lamp

The Paperclip Lamp is a truly modern lamp designed through Ben Collette and David Wykes. They decided to make a lamp with a absolutely uncommon form, a paperclip. in order that they made a massive fashionable paperclip this is used as a lamp. The Paperclip Lamp is notonly bendable, it’s posable as properly. till now this lamp is just a prototype for now, because the designers are looking for manufacturing companions. – thru – Mocoloco

“notonly” – wow – even the phrases save space. cool lamp.

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hello hi! did you realize that paperclip become invented in Norway? sure, INVENTED! there's even a statue of a paperclip.

super techy design for a lamp! A paper clip? Who could’ve idea of that? this is tremendous. It’s simple, very smooth and saves space.

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