The Cullen House from Twilight - The Hoke House

The Cullen House from Twilight - The Hoke House

some months ago everybody was crazy about a movie called Twilight. Twilight is a love tale movie between a human and a vampire. Theyre modern-day vampires and stay in a modern house. typically I don’t speak approximately structure within the films right here on Freshome, however after I saw the film I sincerely liked that house, and that’s why I’ve determined to put up it nowadays. The Hoke house turned into designed with the aid of architect Jeff Kovel thru Skylab structure its 4300 squares, built by way of Metcalf production, with Lucy Metcalf as the interior designer and landscaper. The residence became designed for Nike govt John Hoke and his family and regarded in the movie Twilight. Hoke certainly preferred the idea of his house getting used as the house to a family of state-of-the-art vampires and allowed filming to continue in both the interiors and exteriors. due to his profession, members of the manufacturing crew dubbed the structure the “Nike residence.” The Cullen residence is supposedly positioned simply outside of Forks, WA– through – DesignTavern

It isn't awful entered in surroundings

i am in love how this domestic sits. like a massive jagged boulder at the cliff, however lit up! and all of that beautiful giant space complete of daylight and air interior, simply lovely. i specially love that big mild that arcs up and over the white couch, to light up the entire place and acts as a standing chandelier. a amusing communique piece

OMG!!!!!! I luv Twilight and now I luv it greater!!!!!!

This home is a most lovely piece of artwork-citecture. certainly love the long slim, horizontal window above the sofa that showcases the boulder paintings as natural paintings.

trouble is, this house is not anything like what you photograph as the Cllen residence within the books. It’s a cool pad and all that, however I think that it’s out of location in the movies.

The residence is right searching and cool… but under no circumstances like defined within the e book.~*~

i like this house a lot it's far the satisfactory inside the wole extensive worldit is beauitful espasially due to the fact the cullens live there, butit isn't always how i notion it wiuld seem like when i was reading the booksbut that's what films do they change what it issupose to appear to be!!!!!!!!

this is an absolute dream house!! just ideal.

Im thinking how high-quality wold be live at domestic looking trough that window,reading or doing something calm.

This house its really terrific!!

playstation .: i love the freshome

loooove the shower… some thing unusually erotic bout a bath and not using a partitions!

this house is first-rate as quickly as i saw it in twilight i just fell in love with it and now not due to the movie it's miles in! the homes location is likewise simply beautiful i wish i has a residence like that it's miles simply so mild and i love the wooded area so having a residence like that within the wooded area with such a lot of home windows might be so cool that house is truely a bit of artwork and i am sure it has the price tag of one too!

you wouldn’t trust what number of human beings think the movie is actual due to my final call!

———residence looks fake no longer just like the one within the movie in any respect

well i am truly now not THE handiest individual WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS residence…

FIRST saw THE residence ON A hyperlink at the dialogue BOARD – WHICH were posted by means of someone’S spouse (yourS I PRESUME…LOL)

ok SO THE ASKING rate … understandable IT NOW HAS A records FEW houses CAN live UP TOO

however seriously THE atmosphere THAT EMITS FROM your house IS SOOO non violent, but it is SOO OPEN TO THE outside elements: IS IT also ENVIROMENTALLY friendly ?

WAT IS THE price TO warmness this sort of BEAUTIES ( & sure IM most effective MORTAL AND therefore vulnerable to THE peculiar ache AND ache…LOL)

CONGRATS ON A beautiful ARCHITECTURAL house!!! honestly a ten/10

genuinely jogs my memory OF A LLOYD-WRIGHT version FOR THE twenty first CENTURY (?)

This house is bodily positioned in Sherwood, Oregon.

house is the quality part of the movie :).

awesome use of brilliant surfaces and terrain

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