Small Wooden House in Bavaria Is Big On Style

Small Wooden House in Bavaria Is Big On Style

This small timber house in Bavaria, Germany, wasrecently completed byArnhard & Eck.Thearchitects’ intention wasto build a retreat embedded in nature,far from the daily grindof the town.

“The purpose of our paintings became to reveal that the great of a constructing is described through its proportions, substances and systems, no longer only via its size,” say Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck. “The wood residence isonly 13 feetwide; the kitchen, eating, residing and sound asleep regions are open plan and connected by means of stairs.”

The walls, ceiling and roof aresolid wooden. a place turned into created specifically for being attentive to song, looking movies, studying and taking part in the mountain perspectives. The huge windowsfaceSpitzstein, a nearby mountain; a wood-burning stove radiates warm temperature andcomfort.

The kitchen and eating room may be extended into the lawn during thewarmermonths by establishing up the doors over the two unfastened-putting terraces. [Information provided by Arnhard & Eck Architects; photos byFlorian Holzherr]

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