[PICS] Harry Styles In ‘Dunkirk’: Hair Is Short In Military Look On-Set

[PICS] Harry Styles In ‘Dunkirk’: Hair Is Short In Military Look On-Set

Is that you, Harry patterns!? We’ve already visible what the 22-year-antique looks like along with his new haircut, but now we've a better idea of ways he’ll appear in Dunkirk, the film he chopped off his luscious locks for. See his combed-back coiffure on set of the film right here!

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The One route boy bander is in complete navy equipment in these new pictures, but we glaringly can’t take our eyes off his hair, that is gelled lower back, but barely tousled, as he films motion scenes. His precise role in Dunkirk remains unknown, but surely, he’ll be gambling some military-type person — and he’s positive lookin’ precise in uniform! click on here to see THE snap shots. 

Dunkirk tells the real story of when Allied troops have been rescued from the seashore in Normandy in the course of international conflict II, permitting them to hold fighting the vicious conflict while not having to surrender. The evacuation has been nicknamed Operation Dynamo and is one in every of the biggest in history, with more than 330,000 troops saved.

carrying a British military uniform, providing heavy, brown pants and an identical jacket, Harry suits right in. this is his first go at acting and it’s a massive movie to be part of, however he appears to be doing just excellent!

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The singer first found out that he’d reduce his hair lower back on may additionally 6, whilst he posted a photo of his abandoned ponytail on social media, and discovered he’d donated it to Little Princess believe, an agency that provides hair to children who’ve lost their hair to most cancers.

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“Harry knew he became going to eventually need to cut his hair for the position and become surely okay with it,” an insider instructed HollywoodLife.com exclusively.”everybody on the set teased him and joked with him about cutting off his prized ponytail.” He nonetheless appears top notch, of course!

What do you watched of Harry’s hair in Dunkirk, HollywoodLifers?

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