How to Measure a Corner Cabinet for a Lazy Susan

How to Measure a Corner Cabinet for a Lazy Susan

A corner Lazy Susan cupboard provides consolation and comfort in your kitchen. whether you're building a brand new domestic or transforming an current one, you need to take right measurements to make sure that your cabinets fit properly. you could measure for a corner Lazy Susan cabinet with only a few fundamental gadgets.

degree the peak of your existing base shelves. Write down your measurement. Many typical base shelves are 34 1/2 inches excessive, without the counter pinnacle. The corner Lazy Susan cabinet have to fit this peak.

degree from the corner of the wall to the outdoor fringe of the base cabinet on the proper side of the corner cupboard. Use a tape degree to get an accurate dimension of the gap. measure from the nook of the wall to the out of doors edge of the cupboard on the left facet of the corner cabinet. Write down your measurements.

measure from the corner of the wall to the internal middle point of the Lazy Susan door frame. Write down your measurement. Your Lazy Susan turntable is positioned at the middle point of this measurement.

pick out a turntable with a purpose to healthy inside your cupboard. standard 36-inch Lazy Susan corner shelves use an 18-inch turntable.

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