How to Glue Plexiglas to PVC

How to Glue Plexiglas to PVC

Plexiglas is a form of durable acrylic with a huge range makes use of. because of its obvious great, it's far often used to make window panes or aquarium siding. Polyvinyl chloride (percent) is a sturdy, flexible plastic normally utilized in residential plumbing. percent's pressure also makes it perfect for car body kits, prosthetic limbs and youngsters's toys. To create a long-lasting bond between Plexiglas and %, you want an epoxy made for use on plastics.

blend 1 cup of warm water and numerous drops of liquid dish soap. smooth the Plexiglas and % thoroughly to put off any grease, dirt or other residue.

Rub the elements of the plexiglass and percent so as to be bonded with a chunk of first-class grit sandpaper. mild coarseness will strengthen the epoxy's adhesion.

Wipe any plastic dust far from each surfaces the usage of a wet rag.

unfold a skinny layer of epoxy onto the plexiglass. Your area of coverage with the epoxy ought to be relative to the size of the piece of % you are attaching.

Press the p.c firmly onto the layer of epoxy.

comfy your Plexiglas and percent meeting in a C-clamp tool or bench vise to maintain the meeting secure whilst the epoxy cures. setting the assembly beneath a heavy object, inclusive of a cinderblock, works as an alternative.

allow the epoxy to remedy for the time advised on the container.

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