How to Drill a Hole in Plastic

How to Drill a Hole in Plastic

Drilling holes in plastic may additionally appear like an smooth undertaking, but plastic is a brittle fabric and is liable to crack and splinter if you aren't careful. understanding the right drilling technique for making holes in plastic can prevent loads of headaches and make certain that your holes are smooth and flippantly cut.

measure and mark the location wherein you will be drilling with a ruler or measuring tape. be sure your measuring and markings are precise because once the hole has been drilled there is no smooth manner to undo it.

Insert a sharp twist bit into the drill and tighten the bit in vicinity. Double-check that the drill bit is the right length, and transfer the drill into the ahead role.

clamp the marked plastic to a bench this is safe for drilling to prevent the plastic from spinning if the drill meets resistance.

Set the drill to its slowest setting, if it has a variable knob. in any other case, function the drill so the bit is at the desired perspective immediate you marked. Depress the cause as gently as viable and drill a hole very slowly thru the plastic.

Watch the vicinity around the hollow carefully as you drill. prevent drilling and allow the plastic to cool if you start to see the plastic shavings around the hole gumming up.

Set the drill to the reverse placing and slowly pull the drill bit out of the finished hollow.

lightly sand the location across the hole, being careful not to scuff the plastic inside the method. take a look at for any cracks or splinters that might affect the integrity of the plastic before setting it to apply.

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