How to Build a Deck Frame

How to Build a Deck Frame

when your deck posts are all installed, its time to build the deck frame. The body on this academic basically represents all the number one assist beams that your deck would require the perimeter, of route, and also some beams going for walks thru the middle of the deck perimeter to support the center sections of the deck floor. This manner is genuinely quite simple and straightforward, so theres no want to procrastinate to any extent further. shall we get to it!

Youll need to begin installing your deck body at the sturdiest, most strong point on your deck. inside the case that youre mounting to your house, that factor is in which the deck starts offevolved to go away the residence. measure from one corner to the farthest nook of your outer put up. (optional: relying on the lengths of lumber which you are managing, it is able to make more experience with the intention to upload 3 to this dimension and feature your outer frame increase three beyond the corner on this side. This connection will be explained later.)

cut portions of two×6 pretreated lumber to this duration.

clamp the two pieces of lumber collectively in two instructions: (1) to hold the forums pressed together, and (2) to maintain the perimeters of the forums flush with each different.

Use 2-half of outdoors wood screws to attach the forums. multiple screws every 2 or so is plenty; you dont want to go wild here.

In the example that your outer deck body abuts with a wall-mounted deck body, a hanging bracket wont work due to the fact one facet of it has nothing to connect to however air.

Use a heavy responsibility kreg jig to drill 4 pocket holes into your doubled-up 2×6, on each side at one cease.

Have your 2-half heavy duty pocket screws reachable.

Prop the doubled-up 2x6s up so the tops of the lumber are flush with the relationship lumber (in this case, the wall-mounted lumber). Use 2-half of heavy responsibility pocket screws to attach the boards.

install pocket screws into all four pocket holes, in keeping with aspect. The out of doors edges of your corner should now be flush.


place a stage in your doubled-up deck frame forums to see where it's going to connect to the corner submit.

In the example that you are attaching this doubled-up 2×6 to a bracketed 2×6 cedar pergola put up, youll observe that the heads of your lag bolts and washers expand outward, which means that your deck frame wont be capable of lie flush onto your posts that you labored so hard to make even and rectangular and level.

Dont fear. actually use a hammer and chisel to cast off the portion of your deck frame that will cross over pinnacle of the bolt heads.

measure how a long way out the bolt heads and washers extend, and measure the dimensions of the bracket rectangle itself, then chisel out that an awful lot.

Set a degree at the doubled-up boards, and make certain its stage as you align the floating cease with the publish.

keeping the extent and your doubled-up deck frame forums in place, predrill holes for your lag bolts (try and attain the drill bit into the nook submit if you may). Drill out approximately 1/2 deep with a removal bit this is barely bigger than your washers.

this can allow the bolt heads to go into the lumber, instead of stick out, with the intention to assist immensely whilst you go to set up your exterior deck boards.

Use a ratchet drill bit to install your lag bolts WITH WASHERS. Dont ever forget the washers on those. (those are three/8 diameter four lengthy lag bolts, that's long enough due to the countersinking.)


As you may see, the face of your deck body is flush, with the lag bolts countersunk into the pretreated lumber.

deploy a full lag bolt and washing machine to keep the board in place at the same time as you do the opposite lag bolt. Repeat the technique for a second lag bolt. you may installation a 3rd and/or fourth if youd like, but its no longer necessary.

Now that the 2 corners are installed, use the same lag bolt manner for attaching the doubled-up deck frame to any center 4×4 posts.

Now that the first doubled-up deck frame perimeter piece is installed, youll use its quit to start your 2d segment. This next section can be installed much like the first, with a few matters to keep in thoughts.

while you degree this 2d stretch of outer deck framing, youll want to degree to a mountable point. In this situation, it changed into midway thru our 2d pergola submit. you may locate yours to hit a four×four put up; measure to the midway factor of this in order that each ends can be connected.

additionally, and that is very critical, youll need to measure from the OUTER corner of your body. In this situation, now that weve added a doubled-up lumber body, youll measure to the outside corner of these boards rather than the corner of the put up. The nook of the publish approach not anything to you anymore, with relation to frame board length. (however, in case you chose at the start to add 3 in your original board duration and still have a 3 overhang of doubled-up deck framing, youll degree to the inner of those forums.)

happily, the bracket of your pergola submit handiest must be handled on one facet, so at least one in every of your deck body installations wont require chiseling. Hooray!

start the next phase of deck frame deploy on the give up factor of the remaining phase, which must be at the center of a deck frame post. lag bolts have to offer masses of assist at every publish, if youve done the studies and spaced the forums out in keeping with encouraged spatial-weight ratios.

when you come to a point in your deck that doesnt permit you to mount a bracket, neither does it assist you to install pocket screws onto each sides of your doubled-up framing boards, you would possibly ought to get creative.

in this instance, pocket holes had been drilled on one aspect of the doubled-up boards in addition to at the pinnacle.

A 6 corner bracket was then installed with #eight nails to add extra aid.

whilst its no longer how a deck could be framed in the appropriate world, you once in a while ought to get creative whilst managing obstacles and retrofitting something in location. This setup will offer plenty of assist in this little nook.

be aware, again, how you ought to cautiously recall which aspect of a nook can accommodate the extra 3 period of your boards. You cant clearly measure to the nook of the submit on both facets, because that would depart you with a three clean square at the very outer corner of your deck.

In a few instances, the lag screws need to be installed from the publish facet out to the doubled-up deck frame. That occurs whilst theres a everlasting obstacle at the outer edge that wont allow get entry to to that aspect of the deck frame. If that is the case, countersink about 1 into your 4×4 post so that a four lag screw will hit into the second (outer) 2×6 pretreated lumber of your deck frame.

a few sections of your deck frame might contain a variety of those deck framing methods, and thats perfectly fine as long as every is installed with enough help in its own right.

At this point, following this recurring technique, you should have finished the outer perimeter of your deck frame.

It cant be stressed enough, as you figure in this, to test and double-test for stage and flush at every factor. Being precise and correct at this level of the sport will now not only make it less complicated for you as you begin working at the deck floor, but it's going to additionally make the quit result flip out tons higher.

relying on the scale of your deck, although, you can need to add in a piece extra framing for aid. This deck will be 14 by means of approximately 25 on the longest point, so we will want two additional framing beams going for walks across the deck. note: installation those aid beams in the equal direction as you want your deck floor forums to run.

together with your tape aligned on the edges of the posts that you'll be using for these guide boards, measure from the internal edges of your deck frame. Mark this length on two 2×6 pretreated lumber boards, and cut them one by one. Stack the forums and deliver them a -directional clamping all of the way down the forums.

all over again, youll want to screw those forums collectively.

those beams may be within the middle of your deck and, accordingly, will carry the bulk of your deck help duties. 5 lag screws can be used for those.

holding the doubled-up boards in place, flush against the 2 posts that they'll be using for guide, area a double 2×6 bracket towards the wall-hooked up framing board.

Mark the position of the bracket, which include the inner sides and the top. ensure that a helper is conserving the opposite stop of the beam flush and in line on the other side of your deck body, so that your markings are correct. observe that the bracket will not be installed flush with the top of the 2×6 body; as a substitute, it'll be installed a little bit lower so that the beam it holds is flush.

Use #eight nails again to put in the bracket, using your pencil marks as tips.

location the beam into the bracket.

Pound within the extra nails into the beam lumber; there should be two diagonal nails into each of the 2x6s for your doubled-up beam.

clamp the other end of your beam in location, preserving all edges flush and paying specific attention to the tops of your framing forums. those want to be evenly flat.

installation the opposite stop of your publish the usage of the same steps for deck body installation that youve used formerly: predrill, drill countersinking hollow, ratchet in lag screw and washing machine. Repeat.

next, pass onto mounting your beam to the middle publish, since each ends at the moment are firmly installed.

Youll possibly need to clamp the beam to the publish whilst youre predrilling and ratcheting inside the lag screws. despite the fact that its flush first of all, the beam has an inclination to push faraway from the submit as youre screwing it in.

Repeat for the opposite middle beams.

Congratulations! Youve finished installing the main help beams in your deck.

subsequent will come joists, installed perpendicular to the beams.

but, for a minute, take a seat back and experience what youve created up to now. Its becoming a reality, and youre getting matters accomplished. well accomplished.

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