How to Bend & Cut Lexan

How to Bend & Cut Lexan

Lexan is a type of polycarbonate plastic. it's miles similar to glass but is a great deal more potent and lighter. Lexan is usually used as home windows in restaurants and for bulletproof glass. it's miles honestly unbreakable. Lexan is also very bendy and can be used as opposed to glass to fix broken windows. This form of polycarbonate also can be cut and bent to size. reducing Lexan only takes a couple of minutes and bending Lexan is a activity that can be completed via following a few easy instructions.

degree and mark the Lexan on the reduce region. vicinity a piece of covering tape at the reduce line. this could prevent chipping while the cut it made. Run the tape all the way throughout the piece.

Line up a T-square at the covering tape and draw a immediately line with a black marker over the overlaying tape. vicinity a application knife at either end of the Lexan alongside the black mark. Press down firmly and run the knife straight alongside the T-square at the mark.

rating the Lexan 4 to six times till the blade starts offevolved to get into the middle. seize the Lexan with one hand on each facet of the cut line and snap it in two. Peel off the plastic on every facet and dispose of the overlaying tape. Sand down the rims with medium-grade sandpaper for a smooth and even part.

Peel off the plastic from each facets of the Lexan. Set the piece of Lexan on a flat table and mark the favored bend region with the black marker. Slide the Lexan so the spot wherein it's going to bend is at the threshold of the desk.

function a heat gun above the Lexan approximately 2-3 inches from the floor. Tighten down the Lexan with a clamp so it's miles cozy to the desk. switch on the warmth gun and move it facet to side throughout the Lexan. flow it closer, but do not contact it towards the Lexan and do now not live in one region too lengthy or it will burn the Lexan.

Bend the Lexan to the proper form whilst it starts offevolved to sag over the brink of the table. hold moving the warmth gun from side to side and thoroughly press down on the Lexan till it's miles bent to the right shape. flip off the warmth gun and blow a fan on the Lexan to assist cool it down.

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