House of Happiness by the Architects Ministry of Design

House of Happiness by the Architects Ministry of Design

Combining present day luxurious with rich records and nearby attraction the residence offers not handiest the extending way of life of the historic Loke Thye Kee eating place held by two brothers inside the early 1900s and left within the neighborhood records with its fusion menu (combining traditional chinese kitchen and extraordinary western delicacies) but additionally with the history of its venue for many matchmaking arrangements, wherein younger capability brides-to-be would seize a primary glimpse of their suitors. This romantic and rather magical spirit of the location is cleverly encapsulated within the layout and decor solutions. The vicinity is proclaimed one in every of five Malaysian UNESCO global websites wealthy in history.

retaining the original colonial style of the constructing with its romantic arches, wood info, doors and cladding the architects correctly don't forget the romantic spirit and appeal but with the delivered value of a contemporary twist and luxury. in this enchanted and exotically placed hotel the conventional meets the modern on several one of a kind ranges, from the materials used to the spatial arrangement. conventional substances like wood hardwood flooring are juxtaposed with custom designed current furnishings and practical fixtures factors, ground rugs and cushion fabrics are reflecting the romantic 1900s spirit however additionally evoke comfort and spacious lightness.

The rough texture of the original brick walls are visually enriched with the aid of hidden LED lighting fixtures and the commonly enclosed arrogance, and cloth cabinet spaces are celebrated as transparent glass boxes. Of path one of the fundamental visible emphasis of the layout the beautiful ceramic tilling that decorates so artistically the premises- is an appropriate fusion of antique-time oriental spirit and current artistry. The paintings spread during the residence turned into in particular commissioned for the project and reflects the spirit of historical Penang framed in a current way. The fresh elegance of the white premises is integrally entwined with the rich records and romantic spirit of the location and this aggregate makes the Loke Thye Kee residence a amazing and specific vicinity to have your enjoyment time spend in. images: CI&A images

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