Samuel Harrison,26 at the beginning fromBradford, West Yorkshire has been living in Brighton on the grounds that 2009 and is jolly well playing himself! “Ive toyed with the concept of moving to France or The Netherlands, but im still having too much amusing right here.” A music guy of many marvellous abilties, Sam recently joined forces with the imaginitive drummer Mr. Chris Hutchison and together they may be the south coast rock band ‘Swim The Channel’ !

“i used to be bummin round France and that i met some lovely humans from Brighton. I had a sense Brighton become my type of location (beach, liberal, creative) and talking with them confirmed it, in reality. I returned to Yorkshire, did some jiggery-pokery and moved down the subsequent week.”

“when i used to be about 7 or eight. i was a very good choir boy initially, unwell have you ever understand. ultimately I just started worshipping different things.”

“My first real icon become Johnny cash. just in searching at him, you can sense his stories and his purpose. I without a doubt connected with the way he introduced his songs with sincerity and vulnerability; all of the whilst being wonderful with awonderful sense of humour. Thats now not clean to do. Thats mostly what i love about my icons, they all have that. John Lennon, Jim Morrison, invoice Hicks. Its a valuable issue.”

What are the distinct limitations you’ve confronted a good way to be where you are today with your track?

“Ive been in lots of almost bands. id start a challenge and just before wed launch a document or start a tour, some thing could occur. A band member might flow to an island, or the bassist and singer could fall out and now not be able to share a room with one another, or a guitarist might forget about the songs. (All real, funnily sufficient.) Thats why i really like working with Chris. Weve been on the same page from day one and we are constantly completely honest with each other.”

“we've a video and unmarried known as Mist out for the time being, and the e.p. comes out this Friday (thirteenth of January) I cant wait. have been simply happy with it.”

“nicely after this e.p is out, had been traveling in February after which getting lower back into the studio. Our record become mixed by way of Mario Borgatta, who has been involved in the present day Biffy Clyro and Muse stuff, so I would like to maintain running with him.”

“Having a full-size catalogue of killer songs. Its usually approximately the songs. I want to write an excellent track. I need to write down a God simplest is aware of through The seashore Boys, or an usually a lady by Billy Joel. Theyre ideal songs to me.”

“have been no longer honestly protraying messages. I consider it greater like exploring subject matters and thoughts. adventure, warfare, anxiety, lust. whatever that stirs us up enough to position pen to paper.”

Has it been difficult making time to pursue your musical career whilst efficaciously sustaining the income you want to maintain a at ease lifestyle? And why?

“Of course, however I think its continually about searching forward to the next little step, e.g. subsequent gig, practice session, tour. Im fortunate enough to like my day process too, so that also allows.”

“This band is logo spanking new, so now not a lot yet. however i was as soon as inside the backing band for a great singer named Annaca and in 2012, we played at the Olympics. We performed on this lovable large degree subsequent to the velodrome and that they gave us plenty of sandwiches and cash. It became incredible.”

“drinking and watching Hitchcock films. It doesnt get better than that. I visit a variety of gigs too.”

Do you plan on staying in Brighton? Or are there far corners of this world which you hope to assignment to soon/in the future?

“well see. Chris and i've mentioned moving to Germany, but who is aware of!? no person can come up with the money for a house nowadays so theres no point stressful approximately any form of settling.”

“All our art work is achieved my fundamental guy over at Sharp Studios. check him out at instagram.com/sharpstudiobrighton. the person is a bloody wizard (the coolest kind).”

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