Samuel Harrison,26 initially fromBradford, West Yorkshire has been living in Brighton considering 2009 and is jolly nicely taking part in himself! “Ive toyed with the concept of shifting to France or The Netherlands, but im nevertheless having too much fun right here.” A song man of many marvellous capabilities, Sam these days joined forces with the resourceful drummer Mr. Chris Hutchison and together they're the south coast rock band ‘Swim The Channel’ !

“i used to be bummin round France and i met some lovable people from Brighton. I had a feeling Brighton changed into my sort of location (beach, liberal, innovative) and speakme with them showed it, sincerely. I back to Yorkshire, did a few jiggery-pokery and moved down the subsequent week.”

“when i was about 7 or eight. i was a excellent choir boy at the start, ill have you understand. finally I just began worshipping different things.”

“My first real icon was Johnny coins. simply in looking at him, you could feel his testimonies and his goal. I genuinely connected with the manner he added his songs with sincerity and vulnerability; all the even as being pleasing with awonderful feel of humour. Thats now not easy to do. Thats basically what i love about my icons, all of them have that. John Lennon, Jim Morrison, bill Hicks. Its a precious element.”

What are the exclusive obstacles you’ve confronted with the intention to be where you're nowadays with your tune?

“Ive been in plenty of almost bands. identity start a assignment and just earlier than wed launch a document or start a tour, some thing would appear. A band member might pass to an island, or the bassist and singer could fall out and now not be able to proportion a room with one another, or a guitarist could neglect the songs. (All genuine, funnily enough.) Thats why i really like running with Chris. Weve been on the equal page from day one and we're always absolutely honest with every different.”

“we've a video and unmarried known as Mist out in the mean time, and the e.p. comes out this Friday (thirteenth of January) I cant wait. had been simply proud of it.”

“nicely after this e.p is out, had been journeying in February and then getting back into the studio. Our report become mixed via Mario Borgatta, who has been concerned inside the modern-day Biffy Clyro and Muse stuff, so I would love to preserve running with him.”

“Having a massive catalogue of killer songs. Its continually about the songs. I want to jot down a super song. I want to jot down a God handiest is aware of with the aid of The seaside Boys, or an always a female via Billy Joel. Theyre best songs to me.”

“have been now not truly protraying messages. I consider it greater like exploring themes and thoughts. adventure, battle, anxiety, lust. something that stirs us up sufficient to put pen to paper.”

Has it been difficult making time to pursue your musical profession at the same time as effectively maintaining the profits you want to hold a comfy way of life? And why?

“Of direction, but I assume its continually about searching ahead to the next little step, e.g. next gig, rehearsal, tour. Im fortunate enough to like my day activity too, so that still facilitates.”

“This band is logo spanking new, so no longer tons yet. but i used to be as soon as within the backing band for a wonderful singer named Annaca and in 2012, we performed at the Olympics. We played on this lovable big level next to the velodrome and they gave us lots of sandwiches and money. It became first-rate.”

“drinking and watching Hitchcock movies. It doesnt get better than that. I visit a whole lot of gigs too.”

Do you plan on staying in Brighton? Or are there far corners of this global which you desire to project to soon/someday?

“properly see. Chris and i've mentioned shifting to Germany, however who knows!? no one can afford a residence nowadays so theres no factor stressful approximately any type of settling.”

“All our artwork is finished my main guy over at Sharp Studios. check him out at instagram.com/sharpstudiobrighton. the man is a bloody wizard (the good kind).”

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