Samuel Harrison,26 originally fromBradford, West Yorkshire has been living in Brighton due to the fact that 2009 and is jolly nicely enjoying himself! “Ive toyed with the concept of transferring to France or The Netherlands, but im still having too much a laugh here.” A track man of many marvellous capabilities, Sam lately joined forces with the inventive drummer Mr. Chris Hutchison and together they're the south coast rock band ‘Swim The Channel’ !

“i was bummin around France and i met a few lovely human beings from Brighton. I had a sense Brighton changed into my sort of place (seashore, liberal, innovative) and speaking with them confirmed it, really. I lower back to Yorkshire, did a few jiggery-pokery and moved down the following week.”

“when i was approximately 7 or 8. i was a excellent choir boy at first, sick have you ever know. finally I just started worshipping various things.”

“My first real icon become Johnny coins. simply in looking at him, you can feel his stories and his purpose. I absolutely linked with the way he brought his songs with sincerity and vulnerability; all of the even as being entertaining with awonderful experience of humour. Thats now not smooth to do. Thats frequently what i love approximately my icons, all of them have that. John Lennon, Jim Morrison, invoice Hicks. Its a precious aspect.”

What are the one-of-a-kind limitations you’ve faced to be able to be in which you are these days with your music?

“Ive been in lots of almost bands. identity begin a challenge and just before wed release a document or begin a tour, some thing would take place. A band member might flow to an island, or the bassist and singer might fall out and not be capable of percentage a room with each other, or a guitarist would neglect the songs. (All genuine, funnily enough.) Thats why i like working with Chris. Weve been on the identical web page from day one and we are usually completely sincere with each other.”

“we've got a video and single referred to as Mist out in the meanwhile, and the e.p. comes out this Friday (13th of January) I cant wait. were truly happy with it.”

“well after this e.p is out, were visiting in February and then getting lower back into the studio. Our file became combined by means of Mario Borgatta, who has been worried inside the brand new Biffy Clyro and Muse stuff, so I would like to retain operating with him.”

“Having a substantial catalogue of killer songs. Its always about the songs. I want to jot down an ideal song. I need to jot down a God simplest is aware of through The beach Boys, or an always a woman by Billy Joel. Theyre perfect songs to me.”

“have been no longer in reality protraying messages. I think of it greater like exploring issues and thoughts. adventure, conflict, tension, lust. something that stirs us up sufficient to position pen to paper.”

Has it been tough making time to pursue your musical career at the same time as efficaciously maintaining the earnings you want to maintain a secure life-style? And why?

“Of course, however I suppose its constantly approximately looking ahead to the subsequent little step, e.g. subsequent gig, practice session, tour. Im lucky sufficient to like my day activity too, so that still enables.”

“This band is logo spanking new, so no longer an awful lot yet. however i was once within the backing band for a brilliant singer named Annaca and in 2012, we played at the Olympics. We performed in this adorable large level next to the velodrome and they gave us masses of sandwiches and money. It was terrific.”

“drinking and watching Hitchcock films. It doesnt get better than that. I go to numerous gigs too.”

Do you propose on staying in Brighton? Or are there some distance corners of this international which you hope to venture to quickly/in the future?

“nicely see. Chris and i have pointed out shifting to Germany, but who knows!? nobody can afford a house these days so theres no point worrying approximately any sort of settling.”

“All our art work is done my predominant man over at Sharp Studios. take a look at him out at instagram.com/sharpstudiobrighton. the person is a bloody wizard (the coolest type).”

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