Glamour Collection of Bathroom Cabinets from Eurolegno

Glamour Collection of Bathroom Cabinets from Eurolegno

a pleasing looking house that shows luxury and properly flavor is incomplete without the perfect lavatory furniture.however when you have this contemporary and stylish bathroom cupboard like supplied by using Eurolegno in its high-quality Glamour collection, you ought to first ensure your bathroom is big enough to offer enough area for those shelves and price them. the collection is a aggregate of past classical elements and modern artwork, so it’s more than simply furnishings, it’s art. all of the cabinets were made through the Architect Marco Poletti who meant to bring a fresh view to the vintage lavatory cabinets that was once so popular at some stage in the Victorian generation for instance.

The shelves are colorful and high-quality, made from wood, however having chrome toes and handles, properly shaped and carved that allows you to appear like excellent pieces of ironcraft. these detailed elements match the version on the sides of the replicate perfectly and this interest to detail and combination of styles make it belong to the Neo-baroque modern.

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