GE Debuts Jet Engine-Inspired LED Bulbs

GE Debuts Jet Engine-Inspired LED Bulbs

What do jet engines and LED light bulbs have in commonplace? They both can overheat with out proper cooling mechanisms. but while jet engines are fairly powerful at staying cool, LED technology remains in its infancy. So GE decided to paste jet engine cooling mechanisms inner LED bulbs. The result: a light-weight 1,500 lumen LED bulb that produces as a good deal light as a one hundred watt halogen bulb even as the use of a 3rd of the power.

GE twin cool jets are very small micro-fluidic bellows-type devices

that provide high-pace jets of air, which impinge on the LED heat

sink. these jets of air boom the heat transfer charge to extra than

ten times that of herbal convection. The progressed cooling enables LED

operation at high power currents without losses in performance or


better cooling mechanisms also decrease the quantity of LED chips utilized in a bulb–which in turn, lowers the bulb’s value and weight. “nowadays, the cost of LEDs constitutes over 75% of the price of the machine,” says Mehmet Arik, a mechanical engineer and GE’s major investigator at the LED undertaking. “If we reduce the wide variety of LEDs, the value will drop.”  Arik’s 1,500 lumen bulb is genuinely half the scale and weight of the six hundred lumen LED bulb to be had nowadays.

GE’s jet engine-stimulated era isn’t prepared for commercialization–but. “We’ll have extra reliability testing inside the coming months,” says Todd Alhart, a GE  worldwide research spokesman. “but that is a tech platform that would support some of LED merchandise in the future.”

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