Copper Wood Planter: Mid Century Inspired DIY

Copper Wood Planter: Mid Century Inspired DIY

This copper wooden planter is a DIY that i'm very enthusiastic about! Im all about the mid-century present day look but wanted to put my personal twist on it, subsequently the copper. I used undeniable copper bowls I picked up at my local T.J. Maxx – not anything fancy! i really like the hammered appearance of those copper bowls, specially against the black timber.

This copper wooden planter seems splendid standing next to another one at the floor or simply status in your table. I’ve protected extraordinary methods on making this copper wooden planter if you don’t have access to energy gear at your own home. Don’t fear, I got your returned!

keep analyzing beneath to find out how to make this copper wooden planter!

be aware: I made these two distinct approaches if you dont have get entry to to a drill so i can give an explanation for the way to make it with a drill/electricity gear first and then without second.

begin via measuring out all your pieces of wood. you'll want 4 legs the equal length, 1 piece to in shape throughout (to hold the bowl), and then small portions the equal size to dissect that. just as a reference the larger planter had these measurements: 12 inch legs, 6.25 for the lengthy pass, and 2.5 for the smaller cross pieces. The smaller planter had nine inch legs and the equal measurements for the pass.

observe: these measurements depend on the scale of your bowl. My bowl had a diameter of 6 inches so make certain to measure the pass segment big enough to suit your bowl.

noticed your timber all the way down to your desired measurements. Sandpaper down any difficult edges.

measure how far down your bowl will relaxation on your legs and mark each of the legs using a pencil.

Taking your drill, drill a hole through each of the legs in which you simply marked.

next, taking your lengthy go beam, drill a small hole into both ends of it (just to make the screw go in simpler).

Taking a screw, drill or hand screw it thru one in every of your legs and into one facet of the cross beam. Repeat this on the alternative side of the pass beam. you will come to be with a soccer post kind form.

Taking your smaller cross beam pieces, drill a hollow all the way via horizontally the long manner. do this to both of your small beams.

Taking a totally very long screw, drill or hand screw it through one of the final legs and through one of the smaller beams all of the way to the status long cross beam. do this with the 4th leg and closing small beam. You must now have a 4 legged plant stand!

Paint your planter black

To make with none power equipment:

Do similar to steps 1-3 above. word: in case you do no longer own a noticed you could get timber reduce at domestic Depot in case you realize your measurements. as soon as all of your wood is cut to size, snatch your wood glue and clamps and probable an additional set of arms.

Glue your move beam to 2 of the legs in which you previously marked. Have your greater set of hands keep this tightly as then you definately glue the smaller pass beam bits to the their legs and then to the larger cross beam.

Take a clamp and wrap it around your four legged planter. permit dry overnight.

Paint your planter black or something coloration you want!

Whew! There you have it, now not one, however two methods to make this mid-century inspired copper wooden planter! As a person who doesnt use strength tools very frequently, I didnt have any hassle with the first approach, plus I simply accept as true with that screws will preserve a hefty plant. however, as long as you have got proper clamps, the wooden glue method may be strong too – up to you and your DIY talents!

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