Attractive Restaurant Decor in Kiev by YOD Design Studio

Attractive Restaurant Decor in Kiev by YOD Design Studio

The indoors space is split into two rooms. via the use of the equal substances in dynamic interactions, the designers underline the continuity of the idea however still allow to the premises to have a completely different character. the first room, with an open kitchen area has a communicative and active motion that welcomes the visitors, and the second with its long bar (determined in regular Asian way) and secluded front room regions introduces more calm and peaceful mood.

all the areas on this cutting-edge restaurant characteristic a few particular and fascinating answer – like the superb counter tops made from strong all rightadded in particular from the island of Java. some other attention worth function is the lighting scheme of the eating place: first it affords a few very attractive and modern-day lamp shapes and layout portions, 2nd way to particular spotting light illuminates certain regions in dynamic and conceptual way and 0.33 its shade thought comes from the nature factors: fireplace, water, earth and creates one heat and alluring surroundings. The wine cellar, the wooden lattice that covers some of the tables, the green flowers that clean up the premises, the timber and stone elements that decorate the rooms of the restaurant all are inventive and with excessive layout characteristics that merits unique attention from site visitors and observers.

How about this toilet – with its inexperienced marble, unique wall answers and strangely shaped replicate? For the designers of this modern eating place, it seems no element turned into too small, no area is untouched through function, magical design answers. operating with a constrained quantity of materials (stone, wooden, water and rusty metal), the designers were capable of play on contrasts and tactile sensations. photo: Andrew Avdeenko

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