The Quaint Ardeonaig Hotel in Highland Perthshire, Scotland

The Quaint Ardeonaig Hotel in Highland Perthshire, Scotland

if you are a fishing lover, and you want to take a holiday, the quaint Ardeonaid hotel from Scotland is the perfect location to be able to move. situated in a hamlet at the southern shore of Lock Tay in Highland Perthshire, one of the longest freshwater lochs in Scotland and one of the most lovely locations for salmon and trout fishing, this former 16th century hotel is the maximum idyllic location from the vicinity in which you can rest and enjoy being a long way far from the crowded civilization. This lodge boasts with its 25 fashionable bedrooms, a cutting-edge eating place, five individual thatched Shieling lodges and cottage suites.

all of the high priced double bedrooms were individually decorated and feature their very own chic fashion, so that you can choose a room in line with your preferences. currently, the resort is making an investment in all the contemporary generation together with plasma television, DVD and wireless net, so in case you need to live here a longer period, you dont must fear approximately your companies. you can hold in contact with your pals and partners. The Ardeonaig restaurant serves a ramification of contemporary and classic dishes the usage of nice Scottish products.

Head Chef Ross Miller prepares clean and thrilling dishes that satisfaction your flavor buds, and makes certain that every one clients leave feeling completely glad with their dining experience. except the beautiful bedrooms and restaurant, this former resort has a big, comfy reading space, a place wherein you could spend time together with your family or appreciate the view from the home windows, or the extremely good terrace embellished with plenty of flora. From this perfect vicinity couldn't leave out the vineyard wherein you can flavor the neighborhood flavors.

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