The minimalist Mass Light NA6 by NORM architects

The minimalist Mass Light NA6 by NORM architects

This minimalist and very elegant indoor pendant lamp turned into designed by means of NORM architects in 2012. Its part of the Mass light series and it has a totally exciting design. throughout their travels, the creators of this beautiful pendant lamp had been constantly curious about avenue lamps. They favored their simplicity and the way the solid iron pinnacle become complemented by means of the opaque glass sphere. They decided to use that precise image to create a sensitive pendant lamp for indoor use. This way human beings might be able to enjoy the splendor of avenue lamps inside the calmness of their houses.

Designers Kasper Rnn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen used the street lamp as idea and controlled to transfer its characteristics, consisting of the shapes and mixtures of materials, right into a special design with a extraordinary use. The result was this lovely pendant lamp referred to as Mass mild NA6. The Mass light series includes similar pieces with the same delicate simplicity and minimalist layout.

This precise indoor pendant has a shape very much like that of the outdoor street lamps. Its made from brown marble and opal glass. The designers desired to create a lamp made from natural stone that would be utilized in any surroundings.the selection of substances is quite uncommon however its a homage to the factors that stimulated this layout. moreover, those are pinnacle satisfactory materials that provide durability. The designers also used the same creations to form a chandelier for folks that want to illuminate large regions. each the pendant lamp advert the chandelier are minimalist but stylish and stylish.

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