The Cullen House from Twilight - The Hoke House

The Cullen House from Twilight - The Hoke House

a few months in the past all people changed into crazy about a film called Twilight. Twilight is a love story movie among a human and a vampire. Theyre modern-day vampires and stay in a contemporary house. typically I don’t communicate approximately architecture within the films here on Freshome, however after I noticed the film I in reality appreciated that residence, and that’s why I’ve decided to post it these days. The Hoke residence was designed by architect Jeff Kovel via Skylab architecture its 4300 squares, built via Metcalf construction, with Lucy Metcalf because the interior dressmaker and landscaper. The residence become designed for Nike govt John Hoke and his circle of relatives and regarded inside the movie Twilight. Hoke surely preferred the concept of his house getting used as the home to a family of sophisticated vampires and allowed filming to proceed in both the interiors and exteriors. because of his profession, participants of the production group dubbed the shape the “Nike house.” The Cullen residence is supposedly located simply outdoor of Forks, WA– via – DesignTavern

It is not bad entered in environment

i'm in love how this domestic sits. like a large jagged boulder at the cliff, however lit up! and all of that beautiful sizable space full of sunlight and air inner, just stunning. i particularly love that huge light that arcs up and over the white sofa, to light up the complete vicinity and acts as a standing chandelier. a amusing verbal exchange piece

OMG!!!!!! I luv Twilight and now I luv it extra!!!!!!

This domestic is a maximum stunning piece of artwork-citecture. actually love the long narrow, horizontal window above the sofa that showcases the boulder work as herbal artwork.

trouble is, this residence is not anything like what you photo as the Cllen house within the books. It’s a fab pad and all that, but I suppose that it’s out of location within the movies.

The residence is ideal looking and cool… however under no circumstances like described in the book.~*~

i like this residence so much it's miles the satisfactory inside the wole wide worldit is beauitful espasially because the cullens stay there, butit isn't how i notion it wiuld appear like whilst i was reading the booksbut that is what movies do they exchange what it issupose to appear like!!!!!!!!

that is an absolute dream residence!! simply perfect.

Im thinking how high-quality wold be stay at home looking trough that window,studying or doing something calm.

This house its genuinely fantastic!!

playstation .: i love the freshome

loooove the shower… something surprisingly erotic bout a shower without a walls!

this house is superb as quickly as i noticed it in twilight i simply fell in love with it and no longer due to the movie it's miles in! the houses vicinity is also just lovely i desire i has a house like that it is just so mild and i love the woodland so having a residence like that in the wooded area with so many home windows could be so cool that residence is truly a bit of artwork and i am positive it has the fee tag of one too!

you wouldn’t consider what number of human beings suppose the film is real due to my remaining name!

———house looks fake no longer like the one within the film at all

nicely i'm genuinely not THE only man or woman WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS house…

FIRST noticed THE house ON A link at the dialogue BOARD – WHICH had been published by means of someone’S wife (yourS I PRESUME…LOL)

okay SO THE ASKING rate … understandable IT NOW HAS A history FEW homes CAN stay UP TOO

but significantly THE ambiance THAT EMITS FROM your house IS SOOO peaceful, yet it's far SOO OPEN TO THE outside elements: IS IT also ENVIROMENTALLY friendly ?

WAT IS THE cost TO warmness any such BEAUTIES ( & sure IM handiest MORTAL AND consequently prone to THE bizarre ache AND ache…LOL)

CONGRATS ON A beautiful ARCHITECTURAL house!!! honestly a 10/10

honestly jogs my memory OF A LLOYD-WRIGHT model FOR THE twenty first CENTURY (?)

This residence is physically located in Sherwood, Oregon.

house is the fine a part of the movie :).

terrific use of shiny surfaces and terrain

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