Small And Cosy Swedish Apartment Featuring A Brick Kitchen Bar

Small And Cosy Swedish Apartment Featuring A Brick Kitchen Bar

As you know, Swedish flats are usually very vibrant and with white interiors. Theoretically, they should experience cold and uninviting as well as less comfy than regular. nevertheless, this doesnt appear, mainly if theres a mix of modern and rustic or some retro touches like on this precise case. that is a lovable Swedish rental.

The condominium is small however it doesnt experience tiny or cluttered. It has a regular Scandinavian interior design with a white history accessory capabilities that stand out with their simplicity and natural look. for example, the kitchen island/bar has a totally thrilling layout. the base is product of brick and has that unfinished appearance, a touch tough but with plenty of man or woman. Theres a part of brick wall within the dwelling region and it suits the kitchen island, developing concord in the interior dcor.

There are also other elements that make this condominium experience comfy and comfortable. for example, there are plenty of wood functions, the maximum considerable one being the parquet flooring that has that conventional look. Whats additionally lovely is the manner in which each room has been customized. The bedroom has a totally beautiful accent wall and the backsplash within the kitchen is a pleasing focal point as properly. The apartment, even though it has a floor of 42 rectangular meters, feels very inviting, at ease but additionally open and spacious.

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