Satiya House Refurbished to Accommodate a Larger Family

Satiya House Refurbished to Accommodate a Larger Family

The Satiya house was at the start a one hundred square facility sitting good for 30 lengthy years until now while the customer demanded an extension of the residence to over 350sqm. Transformation was manifestly a part of the mission because the residence changed into to now gain a cutting-edge form.

From the outdoor, the house needed to preserve continuity with the neighborhood and for this reason an willing roof, black tiles and white painted bricks have been a direct desire for materials. the entrance of the new structure was defined by using the road front at the same time as the exterior and indoors volume includes a hard and fast of diagonals that open up living spaces.

Its a totally beautiful and cutting-edge house. It has a very satisfactory layout, both in phrases of outdoors design in addition to of interior dcor. each room as precise appearance, a specific surroundings and dcor. however what all of them proportion in commonplace is the present day and easy style. Its first-class how all the materials and patterns paintings together and shape a complete and equilibrated image. And all the different shades also work together to form complementary and colorful pics.


Its a stunning layout, present day and stylish and also fashionable. Its a pretty large mansion, with lots of rooms. but notwithstanding the variety of rooms, its seen the fact that all of them preserve a very simple and fashionable layout with regards to fixtures.[adn Architectures]

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