Project Knockdown – Access to Music to be apart of Brighton Fringe

Project Knockdown – Access to Music to be apart of Brighton Fringe

get right of entry to to song Brighton foresees it’s closure coming nearer and nearer. The quirky house of the song college faces its final days after its 14 years of vital and creative training.

innovative media college students and very last students to skip it’s doors, might be showcasing their inventive and notable celebration of ATM Brighton as aside of Brighton Fringe pageant this yr. A show off of short films, tune videos and pictures, interactive artworks to consider closure will be provided. in addition to live track performances from previous students and immersive theatre works (enjoy being a student).

creative Media students want to express their willpower and amusement of the college so that it's miles remembered as apart of the network. they've got the rest of the university concerned, track college students, teachers or even previous college students of the college to all come take part in this marvellous occasion.

Frankie Jones: ‘I went to get right of entry to To tune and i’m satisfied I did because the instructor’s there are very welcoming and very approachable. I’ve made a few definitely proper buddies and by going to access to song I sense as although my confidence as grown as properly’

Fern Bruce: ‘i really like the fact that you could be as weird as you want and the most effective individual to be able to choose you is now and again a ginger child drinking tea within the hall. other than the occasional judging look from a entire stranger,I should swing from the ceiling on a zebra published cushion and no one could say something’

‘I don’t recognise in which I’m going from right here however I promise it gained’t be uninteresting’ David Bowie 1947-2016

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