Paras Cafe Composed by a Play of Tiles and Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

Paras Cafe Composed by a Play of Tiles and Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

The combination of blue and white tiles evokes the relaxing spirit of the Mediterranean coast with its white sands and deep blue sea. This color aggregate isn't handiest enjoyable however additionally sparkling and has a vitalizing projection on the temper development – so a really perfect ambiance for espresso and friendly chat.

The architects from the Swimming Pool Studio had stroked a clever stability among city dynamics and contemporary elegance, between unostentatious substances: like aircraft cement, ceramic tiles, and metal; noble choices like the wooden and the marble counter-pinnacle at the reception table, which becomes a important focal factor of the design composition.

Playful elements like the ordinary geometrical shapes of the steel lattice that hangs from the ceiling, the 3D projections of the tile arrangement, the colorful creation at the the front desk and its tile pavement supply a completely unique style and memorable individual to the decor composition. The juxtaposition of the spherical glass elements (mirrors and glass ball lamps) is a dynamic twist of the interior decor scheme that brings a harmonizing balance of shapes. This cutting-edge cafe interior ornament is an outstanding example of how much todays urban design can achieve with only one fabric desire in this case the ceramic tile association. pictures by using Peter Dixie

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