Morimoto Restaurant- a sophisticated interior design by Schoos Group

Morimoto Restaurant- a sophisticated interior design by Schoos Group

now and again a special location for an top notch occasion makes all of the difference. a wedding thought made at the shore of the sea, sitting at a romantic dinner desk will simply mark the complete occasion or the declaration of the advent of a child made in a pleased environment created via a circle of relatives dinner desk set in the garden are just some examples of places that are carefully picked up for such unique events and may have an impact on the ambiance that we need to create.

The company Schoos institution, the winners of Hospitality design Award succeeded to create Morimoto, a contemporary restaurant with a sophisticated design, inspired by the Camino real motel in Mexico. Even the vicinity proved to be a real mission for them as they had to divide a massive room, the use of a seventy five foot high glass ceiling and create a certainly first-rate purposeful place. Thomas Schoos, the chief of the crew of designers based totally his assignment on lighting and its efficient use.

The areas are spacious, the wood diner tables with their slim timber chairs appearance very formal and make you suspect of some office desks. The marble flooring, the large black ceiling lamps with their golden light, the tall wooden candle sticks that seem all over the location, the golden furniture, the huge yellow sofas or the rope art set up make the entire location look unique and warm.

There are some timber stairs which take you upstairs wherein an extended diner desk with some joyfully colored chairs anticipate you.Downstairs there are numerous timber diner tables, a private location with a protracted diner desk organized in an elegant way and where you can revel in a nice meal together with your circle of relatives and friends.

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