Luxury Condominium With A Facade Made Of Glass Cubes

Luxury Condominium With A Facade Made Of Glass Cubes

constructed in Massagno, Switzerland, Lomocubes is a cutting-edge and complex residential mission designed by means of Motta Papiani Architetti. finished in 2013, the luxury apartment perfectly captures the beauty of the connection between interior and outdoors spaces thanks to its groundbreaking architecture.

The gadgets are designed as a chain of brilliant and open areas, each with exceptional perspectives of the Lugano lake. The constructing is strategically located between the Lugano and the Massagno districts and is reserved to a specific clientelle in search for the correct aggregate of sophisticated architecture and beautiful landscape.

a series of open and enclosed glass cubes shape the facade of the building. the stairs and the entries to the units are on the back of the complex and the corridors can for this reason offer lovely views of the lake. The dwelling rooms open onto those glass balconies, taking gain of the panoramas, at the same time as the grasp bedrooms are orientated towards the inner garden and pool.

aside from the simple yet sophisticated indoors designs of the devices, the complex additionally gives all possible comforts which include a lovely garden, an outside pool, a spa and a gym plus the mesmerizing views.

The smooth strains of the building emphasize the lovely architecture and the palette of substances allow it to combo in with the panorama and the colours and textures. add to that great present day indoors designs and you’ll understand why this assignment is so special.

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