How to Vent a Bath Fan to the Outside

How to Vent a Bath Fan to the Outside

Did you ever surprise wherein the air out of your bathroom exhaust fan is going after it receives sucked out of the toilet and up into the ceiling? properly, now and again, that's the only area it is going: Up into the ceiling. It's rather common to locate that formerly established exhaust vents are simply pulling the recent, wet air from the toilet and into the attic above. this can cause mildew and different issues up there, so you ought to take an hour and vent it to the outdoor. Roof venting is one choice, however wall-venting is most excellent (if possible with the layout of your house) due to the fact you don't need to worry approximately inflicting roof leaks.

find the established exhaust unit inside the attic above your toilet. turn off the strength to it.

join the hose out of your exhaust kit to the vent tube to your exhaust unit, the use of the provided steel or plastic belt-clamp to hold the hose to the device.

Take the alternative quit of the hose to the an outdoors vertical wall of the attic. determine wherein you want it to exit, picking a gap among studs and away from electrical wires. Drill a 1/4-inch pilot hole at that spot.

move out of doors, climb your ladder, and find the pilot hole. Use your hollow saw to position a full-sized hole there, reducing all of the way into the attic. (note: make sure the hole-noticed you're using is only a little wider than the outdoors vent tube that came along with your exhaust-fan kit. commonly, the vent tubes are four inches)

Slide the exterior vent tube into the hollow, and press the attached outside vent up against the siding of the house. Caulk around the rims of the vent to seal it to the siding. at ease the vent there with the provided screws and your screwdriver.

back within the attic, join the provided vent hose to the outdoors vent tube with the other belt that came with the kit. Caulk around the hollow in which the outside vent tube is coming in. flip the electricity lower back on.

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