How to Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart Out of a Kitchen Cabinet

How to Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart Out of a Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen cart is a gift for the busy prepare dinner who desires greater paintings area and garage inside the kitchen. After a short trip to the home improvement save you'll be nicely to your manner to creating a rolling kitchen cart. Forgo the sawing of wooden, sanding, clamps and finish work by using starting with a finished kitchen cupboard unit. If you may use a drill, you can transform the cabinet into an appealing rolling cart.

buy casters fabricated from the proper substances in your type of floors and which can be made to maintain the weight ability for the cupboard and the items to be stored in the cart. for example, in case you are the use of a heavy cupboard crafted from actual wooden and storing a massive stand mixer inner of it, the casters or wheels have to be able to hold up under the burden. pick a caster that exceeds the weight potential of your meant use.

flip the kitchen cupboard upside down at the floor. measure the period alongside one interior facet of the cabinet backside. reduce a bit of 2-inch through 2-inch timber on the measured length. observe wood glue along the length and ends of this wood support piece.

Set the piece of timber, glue aspect down against the aspect of the cabinet bottom. Mark the spots where the rolling wheels or casters are to be set up at every nook of the cabinet bottom.

Drill 1/4-inch deep starter holes for the wood screws. vicinity the primary caster on a starter hollow and screw it into area the usage of the drill. Mount the remaining caster wheels to the cupboard. Set the cabinet again upright.

function the towel bar -- with the intention to shape the pull manage for the rolling cart -- at a at ease height in opposition to one aspect of the cabinet. measure and mark the facet of the cupboard the usage of the holes at the towel bar as a guide.

Drill 1/4-inch deep starter holes for the screws into the side of the cabinet.

observe a small quantity of wooden glue to the facet of the manage in order to be flush towards the cabinet for a greater secure mount. Mount the towel bar to the cabinet, and screw it in location using the drill and wood screws. let dry forty eight hours earlier than using the pull take care of.

place a completed piece of butcher block on pinnacle of the rolling cart. cozy the butcher block by way of inserting suitable-size timber screws slowly up through the pinnacle of the cabinet unit into the lowest of the piece along the length of the front and back. Do not undergo the pinnacle of the block.

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