How to Convert a Portable Circular Saw Into a Table Saw

How to Convert a Portable Circular Saw Into a Table Saw

a way to Convert a transportable round noticed into a desk noticed. Convert a circular saw into a table noticed with a specifically designed desk or one you are making yourself, slotted to permit the noticed blade and protect to protrude through the pinnacle. while a round saw isn't designed to make the precision cuts a desk saw is able to, it can be used to rip boards, make hard cuts and for other light-obligation packages.

Get a power device accent table from one of the providers indexed inside the assets section, or construct your very own. The desk ought to have a rectangular slot reduce in it eight inches lengthy and three/4 inch extensive to accommodate the round noticed blade and shield. ensure any desk you operate is stable and extensive sufficient to simply accept the stock you propose to cut.

Mount the circular noticed on the bottom of the table so the saw blade passes via the slot and the saw blade and defend protrude via the higher side of the desk. cozy the noticed with the brackets supplied on a equipped-made desk, or use wooden screws to cozy it to a domestic-constructed table. ensure the screws do now not penetrate the upper floor of the table.

measure the width of the completed board you must reduce. for instance, in case you want to end up with a board 6 inches wide, measure 6 inches from the blade at the left side of the desk as you face the noticed from the foot of the desk. Make marks on the 6-inch measuring point; one on the front of the blade and the alternative on the rear of the blade. those parallel marks will assist you to set your guide board nicely.

Plug the noticed into the extension cord and pass the foot-managed transfer into a position where you may turn the saw on and stale while cutting the board.

area the 1-inch-by using-2-inch guide board in line with the two marks and clamp the board at each give up of the table. begin the noticed and slide the board you're reducing alongside the guide board into the blade of the noticed. Slowly manual the board thru the saw up to the ultimate 12 inches. Use a push stick to complete pushing the board via the noticed.

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