How to Build a Deck Frame

How to Build a Deck Frame

when your deck posts are all installed, its time to construct the deck body. The frame on this tutorial essentially represents all the number one help beams that your deck would require the perimeter, of route, and additionally a few beams walking via the center of the deck perimeter to help the center sections of the deck floor. This system is truely quite simple and simple, so theres no want to procrastinate any further. we could get to it!

Youll want to begin installing your deck frame at the sturdiest, most solid factor in your deck. within the case that youre mounting to your home, that factor is in which the deck starts to go away the house. degree from one nook to the farthest nook of your outer post. (optionally available: relying on the lengths of lumber which you are managing, it can make extra sense which will upload 3 to this measurement and feature your outer frame amplify 3 beyond the nook in this side. This connection can be explained later.)

reduce portions of 2×6 pretreated lumber to this period.

clamp the two pieces of lumber together in guidelines: (1) to maintain the boards pressed together, and (2) to keep the perimeters of the boards flush with every different.

Use 2-half of exterior wooden screws to attach the forums. a couple of screws every 2 or so is plenty; you dont need to head wild here.

In the example that your outer deck body abuts with a wall-hooked up deck body, a striking bracket wont paintings because one aspect of it has not anything to connect to but air.

Use a heavy responsibility kreg jig to drill 4 pocket holes into your doubled-up 2×6, on each aspect at one stop.

Have your 2-half of heavy duty pocket screws reachable.

Prop the doubled-up 2x6s up so the tops of the lumber are flush with the connection lumber (in this case, the wall-installed lumber). Use 2-half of heavy duty pocket screws to connect the boards.

installation pocket screws into all four pocket holes, two according to aspect. The outdoor edges of your corner should now be flush.


location a degree for your doubled-up deck body boards to look in which it's going to attach to the nook publish.

In the example which you are attaching this doubled-up 2×6 to a bracketed 2×6 cedar pergola post, youll notice that the heads of your lag bolts and washers increase outward, which means that that your deck frame wont be able to lie flush onto your posts which you labored so difficult to make even and square and degree.

Dont worry. truly use a hammer and chisel to dispose of the portion of your deck body in order to cross over top of the bolt heads.

measure how a ways out the bolt heads and washers amplify, and degree the dimensions of the bracket rectangle itself, then chisel out that plenty.

Set a stage on the doubled-up boards, and ensure its level as you align the floating quit with the put up.

maintaining the level and your doubled-up deck body boards in area, predrill holes on your lag bolts (try and attain the drill bit into the nook put up if you could). Drill out about half deep with a elimination bit this is barely larger than your washers.

this will permit the bolt heads to go into the lumber, instead of stick out, on the way to help immensely while you go to installation your outside deck forums.

Use a ratchet drill bit to put in your lag bolts WITH WASHERS. Dont ever forget about the washers on these. (those are 3/8 diameter 4 lengthy lag bolts, which is long enough because of the countersinking.)


As you could see, the face of your deck frame is flush, with the lag bolts countersunk into the pretreated lumber.

install a full lag bolt and washer to maintain the board in location whilst you do the alternative lag bolt. Repeat the system for a 2nd lag bolt. you can set up a third and/or fourth if youd like, however its now not vital.

Now that the 2 corners are installed, use the same lag bolt procedure for attaching the doubled-up deck frame to any center four×four posts.

Now that the first doubled-up deck body perimeter piece is installed, youll use its stop to begin your 2d segment. This next phase could be installed just like the first, with a few things to preserve in thoughts.

when you measure this second stretch of outer deck framing, youll need to degree to a mountable point. In this example, it turned into halfway through our 2d pergola submit. you can find yours to hit a 4×4 submit; measure to the midway factor of this so that each ends may be attached.

additionally, and that is very essential, youll need to measure from the OUTER corner of your frame. In this situation, now that weve brought a doubled-up lumber frame, youll measure to the out of doors nook of those forums as opposed to the nook of the post. The nook of the submit way nothing to you anymore, with relation to border board period. (however, if you chose at the start to feature 3 for your authentic board length and still have a three overhang of doubled-up deck framing, youll degree to the internal of those boards.)

luckily, the bracket of your pergola submit best needs to be treated on one aspect, so at least considered one of your deck body installations wont require chiseling. Hooray!

begin the subsequent segment of deck body installation on the end factor of the final phase, which need to be on the center of a deck body submit. two lag bolts ought to offer masses of support at each put up, if youve done the research and spaced the forums out consistent with encouraged spatial-weight ratios.

while you come to a degree for your deck that doesnt allow you to mount a bracket, neither does it let you set up pocket screws onto both facets of your doubled-up framing forums, you might must get innovative.

in this example, pocket holes had been drilled on one aspect of the doubled-up forums as well as at the pinnacle.

A 6 nook bracket changed into then installed with #8 nails to feature additional guide.

while its now not how a deck might be framed in the appropriate world, you every now and then have to get creative while coping with limitations and retrofitting some thing in vicinity. This setup will provide lots of aid in this little nook.

be aware, again, the way you have to cautiously recall which side of a nook can accommodate the extra 3 period of your boards. You cant really degree to the nook of the post on both aspects, because that would leave you with a three blank rectangular at the very outer corner of your deck.

In a few instances, the lag screws must be installed from the publish side out to the doubled-up deck body. That occurs when theres a everlasting obstacle at the periphery that wont allow get right of entry to to that facet of the deck frame. If this is the case, countersink about 1 into your 4×4 publish in order that a 4 lag screw will hit into the second (outer) 2×6 pretreated lumber of your deck frame.

a few sections of your deck frame might comprise a diffusion of those deck framing strategies, and thats flawlessly exceptional as long as each is installed with enough aid in its own proper.

At this point, following this recurring technique, you have to have completed the outer perimeter of your deck body.

It cant be stressed enough, as you work in this, to test and double-test for level and flush at each point. Being precise and accurate at this degree of the sport will now not best make it less complicated for you as you begin working at the deck ground, but it's going to additionally make the cease result turn out lots better.

depending on the size of your deck, although, you may want to feature in a chunk more framing for guide. This deck will be 14 with the aid of approximately 25 at the longest point, so we will want extra framing beams strolling across the deck. observe: installation these support beams in the identical direction as you need your deck floor boards to run.

along with your tape aligned on the edges of the posts that you'll be the use of for those help boards, measure from the inside edges of your deck body. Mark this length on 2×6 pretreated lumber boards, and cut them separately. Stack the forums and deliver them a two-directional clamping all the way down the forums.

yet again, youll need to screw these boards collectively.

those beams might be in the center of your deck and, thus, will carry the majority of your deck guide responsibilities. 5 lag screws could be used for those.

conserving the doubled-up boards in vicinity, flush in opposition to the 2 posts that they will be the use of for guide, region a double 2×6 bracket towards the wall-hooked up framing board.

Mark the location of the bracket, inclusive of the internal sides and the top. ensure that a helper is conserving the alternative stop of the beam flush and in line on the other aspect of your deck body, so that your markings are correct. word that the bracket will no longer be installed flush with the top of the two×6 frame; instead, it will likely be installed a little bit lower so that the beam it holds is flush.

Use #8 nails once more to put in the bracket, the use of your pencil marks as suggestions.

area the beam into the bracket.

Pound in the extra nails into the beam lumber; there should be diagonal nails into each of the 2x6s for your doubled-up beam.

clamp the alternative cease of your beam in area, retaining all edges flush and paying unique attention to the tops of your framing boards. those need to be frivolously flat.

installation the opposite stop of your post the use of the identical steps for deck frame installation that youve used previously: predrill, drill countersinking hole, ratchet in lag screw and washing machine. Repeat.

next, move onto mounting your beam to the middle submit, in view that both ends at the moment are firmly installed.

Youll possibly want to clamp the beam to the publish even as youre predrilling and ratcheting in the lag screws. even if its flush to start with, the beam has an inclination to push far from the submit as youre screwing it in.

Repeat for the alternative middle beams.

Congratulations! Youve completed putting in the primary support beams for your deck.

subsequent will come joists, installed perpendicular to the beams.

but, for a minute, sit lower back and revel in what youve created to this point. Its becoming a truth, and youre getting things finished. well executed.

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