How to Build a Countertop Desk

How to Build a Countertop Desk

building a countertop table is a project that can be completed in less than an afternoon, however the effects will seem like you labored plenty more difficult. With the right parts, those easy instructions and some elbow grease, your countertop table can final you for years and appear like it turned into made with the aid of a professional. And because you're making it yourself, you may fit the materials in your decor. pick a base that gives the appearance you need, from united states of america to streamlined, after which pick out from among loads of countertop alternatives to discover simply the one that's right for you and your property.

determine where you need to put your countertop table. Your desk may be less complicated to make if you dont want to reduce the countertop, so hold the usual sizes in thoughts: four toes., 6 feet., 8 feet. and 10 ft. ready-made counter tops also come in nook portions, so that you should placed your desk in a nook if desired.

decide on the guide machine to your countertop table. you have got 3 popular choices. the primary is to area the desk on pinnacle of file shelves. This gives your table instantaneous drawers. kitchen base cupboards are also a very good option, given that they're made for countertops and might cover items like printers, laptop towers and office supplies. For a greater streamlined table, you could use screw-in desk legs.

measure the area where the desk will move so that you know exactly what you need whilst you get to the shop. if your desk can be lengthy, your guide of preference will need to be at each ends and within the middle. in case you are the use of cabinets, for instance, you'll want as a minimum 3 for a long expanse of countertop. purchase your materials.

collect your table. in case you selected kitchen cabinets or report cabinets, placed your bases in location and placed the countertop on pinnacle. regulate the base and countertop until they are within the right function for you. if you are using table legs, turn the counter over and screw the leg brackets into each nook of the countertop, plus extra in the center if necessary. Then screw the legs into the brackets.

upload the completing touches to your countertop desk. when your counter is in place, use a hollow noticed to make a hollow or some holes inside the countertop for electrical cords. secure the countertop to the wall with L brackets beneath to save you motion and provide more balance.

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