How High Should Kitchen Cabinets Be From the Lower Cabinets

How High Should Kitchen Cabinets Be From the Lower Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, whether or not better or decrease, offer you with an area to keep meals and dishes. when installing a fixed of kitchen cabinets, it's far vital to have them at the proper peak from every other, so you may have useful counter space between them. so that you can have a properly-prepared kitchen, and area to apply your appliances and store things, you want to hang cabinets at simply the proper height.

hold your kitchen cabinets high, however degree the entire peak depending on the height of the room and on the comfort level of these the use of the shelves. Many people placed their pinnacle shelves as excessive as their roof will allow, but then cannot get right of entry to the top cabinets of the cabinets with out the use of a chair. however, when you have a lot to keep and you've matters to put at the pinnacle cabinets that you gained't use each day, you would possibly don't forget having this higher stage. In this situation, the kitchen shelves ought to be a good deal higher than the lower cabinets.

consider counter space when putting shelves. think about the amount of counter area which you need, and the quantity you'll be able to use. The closing intention of the distance between the 2 cabinets desires to be the place that you need to use for counter area. There are several approaches to degree this. if you plan on having counter area for reducing up greens, making salads, or baking, you'll need to have as a minimum one foot between the pinnacle of the decrease shelves and the bottom of the pinnacle shelves.

if you are looking at storing things in your counter, like blenders or other home equipment, you may want at the least a foot and a half among the pinnacle of the lower shelves or the counter and the lowest of the upper cabinets. The foot and a half is sufficient for most home equipment.

you will want more room if you plan on storing home equipment and still have an below the cabinet wine glass rack, which may be very beneficial in a crowded kitchen. in case you plan on using this set up, depart a least two feet among your counter and the cabinets.

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