Hand chair with foot by Pedro Friedeberg

Hand chair with foot by Pedro Friedeberg

occasionally old works of artwork are rediscovered after some years and that they benefit from an instantaneous and large achievement. this is the case with one of the sculptures made via Pedro Friedeberg returned within the Nineteen Sixties. Now anyone rediscovered his works of artwork and promoted them. So this “Hand chair with food” is clearly well-known now. nicely, it isn't precisely something you can produce in series and supply as office furniture, however it is able to be used as an exciting sculpture if you want to deliver a few unusual and unique contact to your house or maybe office.


the author turned into inspired by using the human body and Friederg saw the hand as a secure area to sit on. He possibly noticed this when moms took their youngsters of their fingers. And due to the fact the hand needed to have some guide , he thought of the foot to be the component that connects the hand to the floor.

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I recognize that in case you make it massive enough you could absolutely use it as a chair, however my opinion is that it'd be a disgrace to accomplish that and this way use a work of art as an flawed object.

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