Completely Hand-Built Wooden Cabin Filled With Light

<h1>Completely Hand-Built Wooden Cabin Filled With Light

Zecc Architects and Roel van Norel created a cabin atop the muse of a previous greenhouse - are you able to consider it? With one side of the residence closed off, perspectives are directed via the glazed south and west facades to the grassy clearing past. The west side is clad with six shutters made from horizontal, western pink cedar slats that can be opened or closed with a single motion. The residence’s open plan is neatly divided into public and private spaces, with the the front containing the kitchen and dwelling areas and the again retaining the bed room and bathtub, overhung via a small mezzanine. satisfactory timber craftsmanship defines the dwelling’s interior, in which all of the centers—from the kitchen shelves to the fire to the toilet—are included right into a single very wellwall, home made by van Norel. source: live, zecc

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