DIY: No Sew Door Latch Cover - Project Nursery

DIY: No Sew Door Latch Cover - Project Nursery

It’s each exhausted mother’s nightmareyou’ve finally rocked and cooed a fussy child to dreamland, most effective to have your efforts thwarted through a noisy noise that startles himfrom hisslumber. With my 2d babe, generally the offender of that cacophony was my infant innocently closingher bedroom door too aggressively. whether or not it’s for the nursery door itself or for the ones of siblings, this DIY no stitch door latch cowl is best for dampening that inevitable *click* of doom.

materials:2.5″ x 3.five″ scrap of thick material, material glue, everlasting marker, ruler, hole punch, half″ extensive elastic (at least eleven″), clothespin, scissors, bottlecap (elective for rounding corners)

be aware: I used marine grade vinyl (observed at Joann’s), but leather or further thick non-fray fabric will paintings just as well. you will only need a smallstrip, so seek fabric shop scrap containers for offers.

begin by way of measuring a 2.5″ x 3.five″ rectangle for your material. recall to make measurement marks on the incorrect side! cut out.

you can leave the corners rectangular, but I decide on the tailored look of a rounded corner, so I traced a soda bottle cap and cut away the extra.

next, use your hole punch to create 4 holes, one in every nook. keep them approximately 1/four″ to half of″ from the edges.

cut a period of elastic eleven″ lengthy. this will be a tight suit around round knobs, so when you have lever handles you could want to make it greater like 13-14″. Thread the elastic thru the holes within the cloth as shown underneath.

Dab a beneficiant dollop of fabric glue onto one give up of the elastic. Overlap about 1/2″ of the other quit of the elastic on top of the glue and clamp collectively with a clothespin until dry (approximately one hour).

in addition to dampening noisy doors in your property, a no stitch door latch cowl can also be a considerate little addition toa toddler shower gift. Or higher but, provide it to the brand new “large sister” or “massive brother” and store that momma from as a minimum one perpetrator of beginled-toddler fatigue!

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Does the door live closed with this?

same query as Cassidy…does the door live closed with this, or does it simply cast off the latch sound?

the additional bulk of the cloth will keep a regular door comfortable closed, but manifestly now not entirely latched – as it prevents the bolt from inserting into the wall.

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