Cult Classic Gets a Spinoff

Cult Classic Gets a Spinoff

In 1979 a young Mod called Jimmy Cooper embarked on a booze and drug filled emotional adventure as he rode to Brighton for the weekend to fight a Mods cultural enemy, Rockers. adapted from the rock opera by means of rock legends The Who, Quadrophenia speedy became a cult classic and is still regarded as one of the exquisite British films of our time. Quadrophenia Alley in Brighton has come to be a pilgrimage website for contemporary day Mods and film enthusiasts. Now, Brighton-based director Devlin Crow desires to shoot a spin off to the classic film and has released a kickstarter to get the ball rolling.

The film will be referred to as Being, The Argus reviews, and will be approximately a young carer who escapes his everyday lifestyles. The boy, pal, and his mother, who has more than one sclerosis, share a love of Nineteen Sixties Mod bands along with The Who and The Kinks. Crow has said that the movie will have sturdy cultural references to Quadrophenia. He said i have usually had an affinity with Quadrophenia due to growing up in Brighton and i don't forget the Mod gathering and scooters. My adolescents and examine of Brighton is fused with the film and the Mod scene.. Mark Wingett, who performed Dave in Quadrophenia, will play an out-of-work actor who's befriended by means of pal. you may donate to the Kickstarter right here.

Brighton became associated with Mods and Rockers when both sub cultures could go to our seaside city on financial institution holiday weekends leading to large fights at the seaside.

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