Aerodynamical Bathroom by Andrey Bondarenko

Aerodynamical Bathroom by Andrey Bondarenko

A wash basin and a W.C pan, these two have to continually be equipped together due to the fact, as all of us recognise, it's miles very crucial to constantly wash your palms after the use of the toilet. both inspired by way of the famous automobile studioPininfarina. Designed with the aid of Andrey Bondarenko of two-B-2 architecture, characteristic Aerodynamical paperwork, speedy and sporty, those 2 piece of furniture comes in hues: clean inexperienced (the image of lifestyles,) and scarlet (a conventional racing color).

I absolutely dont know what else to say approximately this collection. I dont even recognize what to reflect onconsideration on it. Its sosurprising and abnormal. I just like the colours and the wash basin however typical its to unusual. Im no longer certain if I need to like it or hate it.

I wager it is able to look true in a modern bathroom or in a completely colourful region. you could include those pieces in your own home however I dont think they could in shape with something. They would better match in a public area, in a club or anywhere else. they have a very strange shape that makes them appearance suspicious. Their component makes you watched like something is missing. They look more like toys than like actual functional capabilities that can be used in the rest room.found on yankodesign


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