Aerodynamical Bathroom by Andrey Bondarenko

Aerodynamical Bathroom by Andrey Bondarenko

A wash basin and a W.C pan, these must continually be equipped together because, as we all recognise, it's far very essential to constantly wash your arms after the usage of the lavatory. each stimulated through the famous automobile studioPininfarina. Designed by means of Andrey Bondarenko of 2-B-2 architecture, function Aerodynamical paperwork, fast and sporty, these 2 piece of furnishings comes in shades: sparkling inexperienced (the symbol of existence,) and scarlet (a traditional racing color).

I truly dont realize what else to say approximately this series. I dont even understand what to reflect onconsideration on it. Its sosurprising and abnormal. I like the colorations and the wash basin but typical its to odd. Im not sure if I need to find it irresistible or hate it.

I wager it is able to look good in a contemporary lavatory or in a very colourful vicinity. you may encompass those pieces in your private home however I dont think they might suit with anything. They might higher healthy in a public space, in a membership or everywhere else. they have got a totally strange shape that makes them look suspicious. Their element makes you suspect like some thing is missing. They look greater like toys than like actual practical features that can be used in the bathroom.discovered on yankodesign


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