Aerodynamical Bathroom by Andrey Bondarenko

Aerodynamical Bathroom by Andrey Bondarenko

A wash basin and a W.C pan, these two have to usually be outfitted together because, as we all understand, it's far very essential to constantly wash your palms after the use of the lavatory. both stimulated with the aid of the famous automobile studioPininfarina. Designed by means of Andrey Bondarenko of two-B-2 structure, feature Aerodynamical bureaucracy, fast and sporty, those 2 piece of fixtures comes in two colours: sparkling inexperienced (the symbol of lifestyles,) and scarlet (a traditional racing coloration).

I absolutely dont know what else to mention about this series. I dont even know what to consider it. Its sosurprising and atypical. I just like the hues and the wash basin however average its to bizarre. Im no longer sure if I need to like it or hate it.

I bet it could appearance suitable in a modern-day rest room or in a completely colourful region. you could encompass these portions in your property but I dont assume they may fit with anything. They might better suit in a public space, in a membership or everywhere else. they have a totally unusual shape that makes them look suspicious. Their issue makes you observed like something is missing. They appearance extra like toys than like actual useful functions that may be used within the bathroom.determined on yankodesign


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