21 Types of Granite Countertops (Ultimate Granite Guide)

21 Types of Granite Countertops (Ultimate Granite Guide)

Welcome to our final manual to granite counter tops! This manual will cowl the distinctive kinds of granite to be had to you, the approximate expenses of buying and putting in granite, and much greater.

Granite is a fantastic material for counter tops, whether or not they’re for your rest room, kitchen, or in a domestic bar region. It’s highly durable: you can set hot pans and pots on it, spill wine on it with out staining, and (if it’s sealed properly) you may even skip the cutting board!

Of course, granite is a whole lot more than just long lasting. Its herbal beauty and sleek shine are undying. Granite is virtually no longer just a fashion. It’s constantly been famous and a sought-after fabric for counters. An investment in granite guarantees that you received’t need to update your counter tops again.

Granite is available in loads of colours and patterns; the veins, swirls, and colorations of every slab are thoroughly special, so your countertops can be completely specific.

if you’re trying to upgrade earlier than selling your house, granite is a excellent option because buyers are often more inclined to pay a premium rate to get get entry to to granite counter tops.

All pix and content material Used with Permission by Arch city Granite.

commonly, we consider granite slab counter tops each time a person mentions granite. That’s the maximum famous option, but it doesn’t mean that professionally mounted granite is your handiest option.

Tiled Granite – granite tiles are positioned edge to area and secured with epoxy, creating the countertop. This type of granite counter may be very inexpensive and DIY pleasant. The tiles appearance outstanding, they may be granite in the end, they tend to be a good deal more tough to smooth because of the numerous seams created all through installation.

in addition, tiled granite isn’t a famous choice, as it’s still costly in comparison to different tiled countertop looks, and plenty of house owners generally tend to suppose that if they’re spending all that money on granite, they'll as well go massive! (source: Granite countertops fee guide)

Modular Granite – that is the mid-variety option that can be a exceptional choose if your kitchen occurs to be a fashionable length. those pre-reduce mini slabs are already fabricated into wellknown configurations and dimensions that may match your kitchen’s layout. In this situation, you may get your granite counter tops for a high-quality rate! (supply: Granite counter tops fee manual)

Of path, in case your kitchen does not meet the usual sizes, you may still pick out to healthy portions collectively, however you’ll emerge as with large seams which can appearance unsightly. Modular granite is a superb alternative for DIYers, since the miniature slabs are tons lighter and less difficult to install than a slab of granite.

Slab Granite – this is the maximum costly and stylish option; a stable piece of granite fabricated off web page and custom designed to fit your kitchen’s countertop dimensions. Slab granite is constantly hooked up by way of a expert, as it is immensely heavy and difficult to install properly. And with the rate you’ll be buying slab granite, you’ll surely need to make sure your granite doesn’t get cracked or broken whilst it’s being installed!

Slab granite tends to be in uniform pieces to lessen or put off seams, which is reflected in the rate. while the stone’s price isn’t lots higher, you’re paying for customization, fabrication, and transportation in addition to set up. you should buy slab granite at neighborhood stone yards, high-cease kitchen and toilet shops, and even at big name retail chains like Lowe’s and domestic Depot. (supply: Granite countertops fee manual)

cost can vary quite broadly among the 3 specific sorts of granite countertops.

Tiled Granite – count on to pay bettween $4-$19 in line with rectangular foot. DIY kits that contain the tiles and an identical backsplash are available for about $one hundred fifty every segment. the usage of several kits to finish the process, you have to count on to pay among $500 and $1400 for the whole kitchen. Of route, the kits don’t consist of mortar or the equipment you’ll need to finish the installation. expect the cost to growth by $one hundred to $four hundred. (supply: Granite counter tops price manual)

Modular Granite – with modular granite, look to pay between $25-$a hundred in step with square foot. a mean sized counter have to price among $750 and $3,000 if you deploy it yourself, relying on the rarity of the coloration you pick, together with any introduced customization. Modular granite slabs normally come polished, sealed, and with a popular aspect, and can also come with an identical backsplash. (source: Granite counter tops cost manual)

Slab Granite – because the maximum expensive alternative, slab granite have to cost you among $60-$100 in keeping with rectangular foot. The pricing depends squarely on the rarity of the shade or pattern you select, the threshold choice you choose, the extent of customization, and thickness. The fee might also change relying on backsplash, custom cuts, sealing, finishing, or fitting for an undermount sink.

absolutely established, a 30 foot slab have to fee around $1,800-$3,000, with large kitchens, of course, costing extra. Be cautious of groups who put it on the market extremely-low fees, as the ones prices likely don’t encompass sealing, backsplashes, or edging. you will usually get exactly what you pay for with granite. (source: Granite counter tops value manual)

at the same time as granite comes in a ton of various colours and designs, numerous colorations definitely stick out as famous. these are colors which can be smooth to pair with preexisting cabinets or paint colours.

White – even as you would possibly want to shy away from white countertops because you assume that it'll appearance plain and featureless, this surely isn’t the case with granite. White granite will continually have other colorings mixed in, in an effort to add interest. White granite looks tremendous with any timber cabinetry, or with white or black shelves.

Beige – despite the fact that similar in coloration to white, beige granite has a tendency to be a tad more welcoming to homeowners. Beige granite tends to have more spots of brown, black, and grey mixed in, which could provide you with greater flexibility when decorating. Beige is a famous color utilized in conventional, u . s ., and other traditional layout patterns.

Brown – even as darker than beige and much extra constrained in complimentary colorings, brown is a splendid famous option, specially whilst paired with lighter timber cabinets. Brown works great in country and rustic fashion kitchens because they tend to sense so heat and homey. Your granite gained’t evaluation too strongly, as an alternative highlighting the woodwork of the room.

Black – black is a dramatic preference, and the dark colour has a tendency no longer to reveal the veining the manner lighter colours do, so black is a first rate desire for folks that need extra of a strong shade. when the light hits any granite, you’ll see flickers, but this may be even more obvious in black granite. if you do choose black granite, pair it with white shelves for a placing assessment. Black and white is the winning combination for modern fashion kitchens.

Jewel-Toned – that is an distinctive preference that appears excellent while used as a focal point in an in any other case toned-down kitchen. crimson or green primarily based granite appears first rate in Asian fashion kitchens, however you must be cautious with which cabinetry you pair them with. If the shelves are too bright, they'll conflict together with your granite.

This lovely beige granite is filled with brown veining and spots of grey. It looks beautiful with the wealthy dark cabinetry.

The veining and round styles of this dark brown granite draw the eye to the huge kitchen island. A crimson glass tile backsplash pulls hotter shades out of the darker granite, at the same time as the white cabinetry keeps the kitchen shiny and airy.

another examine beige granite. This island is -tiered with a small granite backsplash among the 2 tiers.

This white granite has a heavy pattern of light beige and grey veining and swirls. The shade is light enough to be lovely in opposition to easy dark shelves.

This black granite seems clean and natural, and goes nicely with the black home equipment. The wealthy purple wood shelves add stunning assessment.

a more in-depth examine this beige granite suggests the copper, grey, and light beige veining at some stage in.

This darker granite is based on lighter streaks to usher in warmer tones from the okayshelves and the paint colour.

This black granite has small white speckles in it that make it seem like the starry night sky.

The jewel tones of this granite draw the attention. Peacock blue and brown stand out in opposition to the gently textured white tile backsplash.

The round spots and rich veining of this grey granite seems terrific on this cream kitchen.

if you’re certainly seeking out dramatic, black granite with rich gold veining might be exactly what you want. Pair something this showy with simple cabinets and allow it shine.

The sample in this brown granite has a completely symmetrical sample to it, which makes it top notch against the o.k.cabinetry on this traditional kitchen.

A beautiful white granite with grey veining and a custom stacked area. this is just certainly one of several incredible area designs.

every other wealthy cream granite with light brown and black veining. A stacked facet and a gentle curve on one side are quite elegant. A easy glass vase with white roses is the proper accompaniment.

another take a look at the above granite. word the problematic details on the island, that's a specific color than the main set of cabinetry.

Granite with a copper undertone move properly with any shelves with a moderate reddish tone. In yellow lights, those mild very wellcabinets take on a heat crimson glow.

every other feasible choice, although it will boom the cost, is to increase your granite over the brink of 1 aspect of your cabinets and right down to the ground.

Granite with brighter shades and more variant are great as focal points, even in home bar areas.

White granite with numerous long veins is another traditional look. when paired with a miles extra showy grey and white mosaic tile backsplash, it genuinely stands proud.

if you need a large amount of granite for a massive kitchen, keep in mind choosing a extra muted granite in order that the sample doesn’t get overwhelming.

at the same time as you need to have professionals do the final measuring to ensure whole accuracy, we want to make it easy if you want to estimate the cost of your new countertops. Do now not use these measurements to buy or fabricate granite.

begin by means of taking measurements of your counter tops in inches. next, calculate the rectangular toes from that dimension. as an example, if your countertop’s length is 108 inches, and the intensity of a general countertop on a 24 inch deep cabinet is 25.5;

Divide this by a hundred and forty four, that allows you to equal 19.12 rectangular feet. Use this estimate to set a price range on your new granite countertops. beneath you’ll discover several examples of commonplace kitchen layouts that could help you estimate the scale of your own kitchen.

while you don’t have these options with tile granite or modular granite, slab granite gives you the possibility to similarly customize your new granite countertops through converting the shape of the seen fringe of your counters. There are heaps of various options to choose from, but remember that they'll alternate the fee of your countertops.

Eased side – a immediately facet with a 5mm radius on the top and slightly eased on the lowest. this is the maximum normally used area, and what you’ll generally see with modular granite.

top and bottom Rounded edge – this aspect is current, with two rounded corners on the quit.

Bevel part – normally accomplished in 1/4″ or half of″ bevels, that is every other popular current edge with a present day, slanting edge.

Roman round area – despite the fact that this is called Roman spherical, it has a completely diffused arch at one cease that may make the stone appear thicker. This seems incredible in modern-day kitchens.

Chiseled or Rock edge – this includes a herbal part that became cautiously chipped away. The projections are clean, not sharp, but the result is beautiful and natural. ideal for outside, present day, or maybe rustic kitchens.

half spherical Transitional facet – this area has a soft curve at the top and a slightly eased edge on the bottom. It’s a famous search for both current and traditional kitchens.

full Bullnose Transitional side – This absolutely rounded aspect is going properly with any fashion kitchen, however is used most customarily for countertops with upper bar regions.

Ogee traditional edge – as the second most popular edge, the Ogee facet is beautiful and elegant. Kitchen designers generally tend to apply Ogee edges on kitchen islands and a 1/2 round on the fringe counter tops.

Elite traditional facet – this three stepped area is beautiful and normally used on islands or as part of a laminated part.

Roman Elite conventional area – this is much like the elite side, however the curves are barely special. like the elite, it's miles typically used on an island or as a part of a laminated area.

Laminated or Stacked area – this thick aspect consists of two slabs attached together. distinctive part styles may be blended right here for a truly unique appearance. This side is the most pricey, so talk it along with your dealer before choosing it.

due to the fact that granite is this sort of large investment, it’s crucial that you realize how to attend to it once you have it hooked up. Granite could be very long lasting, however to preserve it looking as right as it did while it become first set up, you’ll need to make sure it’s wiped clean often.

you may clean your granite countertops with just slight hand cleaning soap and warm water. After cleaning, wipe the counter dry with a easy, tender cloth. in case you’d opt for to buy a cleansing agent, you can try Revitalizer by DuPont. you may use Revitalizer on a regular basis.

Why Revitalizer? It has a small quantity of stone sealer in it, with a view to deliver out the shine and shield the floor by using changing traces of sealant lost during use. It’s not extraordinarily steeply-priced either. A gallon, so that you can remaining you round 2-three years, costs around $39.

truly cleansing with soap and water or Revitalizer is all you need. even though granite is proof against stains, you can pick out to apply coasters for glasses; especially whilst ingesting alcohol, wine, or citrus juices.

selecting the right granite on your kitchen layout is a mission for maximum owners, and that’s now not unexpected, seeing as what number of specific colors and styles are available in the marketplace.

Many one-of-a-kind granite slabs might appearance awesome in your kitchen, but you need to determine which granite is “your granite.” You’ll be coordinating the granite together with your shelves, floor colour, appliance coloration, and even paint color to achieve the look you’re going for.

whilst going to take a look at granite, carry a picture of your kitchen to observe. if you’re no longer involved with repainting, deliver a swatch of your new coloration and a cabinet door to examine with the granite. It in no way hurts to be organized!

even though your counter tops come sealed, on occasion you should seal them once more to ensure they live looking first-rate. The high-quality element is, you can do it without difficulty in approximately 20 mins.

First, get rid of all gadgets out of your counters and clean them with a gentle cloth. make sure that all particles are eliminated from the countertop. you could use your hand to experience the pinnacle.

After the counters are clean, put on kitchen gloves and spray the stone sealer at the granite. Be generous with the spray and make sure there’s an excellent layer of the liquid in your counters, because it will want to penetrate the pores of your granite.

After about 15 mins, wipe off the excess with a clean, dry fabric. have to you get any hazy spots after wiping, pour a small amount of sealant immediate and wipe off the haze.

After 24 hours the sealer could be in complete impact. you can repeat the manner yet again after 2 to a few days to get the maximum stain repellent effect.

take a look at out this video to peer commands on the way to seal your granite!

regardless of how stain resistant granite is, every so often you may end up with a stain. So in case you spill wine, citrus juice, or food to your counter, don’t wipe it up.

rather, blot the vicinity with a paper towel before cleaning with mild cleaning soap and water. if you nonetheless end up with a stain after cleaning, there are numerous ways to put off the stain.

natural Stains – stains resulting from espresso, tea, wine, fruit juice, or meals that could reason brown stains. To get rid of this stain, clean the area with 12% hydrogen peroxide after wiping down the stain with a clean cloth.

Oil-based totally Stains – these stains are due to nail polish, cosmetics, milk, or cooking oil, and may make the stone darker. those stains are more difficult to take away, and require a special poultice compound. DuPont sells this compound for round $eight in keeping with tin.

Watch this video to peer extra on a way to dispose of stains from granite!

if you’re going so far as to replace your countertops, why now not get a state-of-the-art sink to go with it? There are some guidelines to selecting the perfect sink to go together with granite. bear in mind if the sink will make contributions to the visual attraction of the kitchen, how practical it’s going to be, how long lasting, and of course, does it fit your budget?

chrome steel Sinks – those are by a long way the maximum popular select for granite and quartz countertops. they may be durable, match most faucets, and do no longer rust, chip, or stain. while searching for stainless-steel, keep in mind that the lower the sink’s gage, the thicker it's miles. sixteen gage is thicker than 18 gage, the enterprise general.

Composite Granite Sinks – those sinks are becoming increasingly more famous due to their splendor and sturdiness. just like the countertops, they come in a huge variety of shades to praise your counters. those had been plenty extra high priced when they had been first introduced, but the fee has dropped to a extra low-priced point of among $350 and $395.

teeth-covered cast Iron Sinks – cast iron is stylish and durable, however was once expensive. As lighter, greater value powerful options got here into the market, their price has dropped. they may be arguably still the maximum attractive sinks available, and are popularly used inside the farmhouse style.

but, over the years the teeth coating can wear off, exposing the black iron beneath. They are also extremely heavy and require extra bracing.

Copper Sinks – this stunning metal is famous for ornamental sinks. watch out of buying a cheap sink although, copper sinks can be contaminated with mercury or lead. in case you choose a copper sink, buy it from a good manufacturer.

below Mount Sinks – the most popular preference is to install the sink below the granite for a easy and finished appearance. round ninety eight% of owners select this seamless choice.

top Mount Sinks – additionally known as “drop in” sinks, these are an unpopular preference for granite, however are the simplest preference for laminate counter tops due to water exposure. at the same time as the general public select underneath mount sinks, in case you certainly love your top mount sink, you could surely maintain it.

whilst is is often a remember of personal choice, you have to take into account the dimensions of your kitchen and your cabinetry. if you have current shelves, attempt to pick out a sink about the identical size as your cutting-edge sink.

in case you’re designing a new kitchen, seek advice from your cabinet maker to ensure the sink you want will suit, or if it doesn’t, that the shelves may be changed for that reason.

for instance, in case your sink’s intensity doesn’t allow for a tap, you could want to bump your sink out a touch.

The intensity of an beneath mount sink ranges from 7 inches to ten inches, but the precise depth for more at ease use is between eight.five inches and nine inches.

remember the fact that the powerful intensity of your sink could be round 1.25 inches deeper than planner as it’s beneath the granite. A sink this is too deep can also stress your again or neck at the same time as you wash dishes.

in case you choose a double-bowl sink, you could choose to put in a rubbish disposal on either aspect you like. reflect onconsideration on how you wash your dishes, and place the disposal on whichever aspect you generally tend to clean your dishes in. If one aspect is greater than every other, deploy the disposal on the larger aspect.

All photographs and content Used with Permission through Arch metropolis Granite.

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